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Case Study: Atkinson Fine Art

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Atkinson Mann Fine Art is an Atlanta-based high end art dealer/broker that has built a worldwide reputation for selling high end originals, giclays, and serigraphs painted by world renowned artists such as LeRoy Neiman, Pino, Sebastian Kruger, Sid Maurer and Ringo Star. The President and CEO, Jim Atkinson, grew his company rapidly due to his forward thinking and attention to detail.

Atkinson Mann Fine Art is an Atlanta-based high end art dealer/broker that has built a worldwide reputation for selling high end originals, giclays, and serigraphs painted by world renowned artists such as LeRoy Neiman, Pino, Sebastian Kruger, Sid Maurer and Ringo Star. The President and CEO, Jim Atkinson, grew his company rapidly due to his forward thinking and attention to detail. Jim realized that the company was due for a new website and started shopping for vendors that could fulfill his very specific requirements.

The Challenge

The website had to be more than a simple HTML list of artwork with pictures and basic descriptions. The new website had to serve as a functional business tool, as well as the attractive face of the business. Functionally the website had to be able to incorporate the following front end feature set:

Search & Browse Functionality - All artwork had to incorporate search functionality and display results in a way that was easy to navigate and instantly see artwork. The user needed the ability to browse by artist, category, artwork type, etc. In the highly competitive world of art distribution, the quicker a potential customer can find a piece of artwork, the better. Traditionally sites suffer from a high abandonment rate.

Online Quotes - Once the user selects artwork, they should be able to see availability, list pricing, and other pertinent details. The user can then request a quote on that artwork. This process, if executed correctly, would dramatically reduce the back and forth with Jim's customers and greatly improve the overall user experience.

The back end for this site had to be robust. The goal was to streamline the selling process and organize inventory, quotes, and usage data.

Online Inventory Management - One of the critical features that needed to be incorporated was the ability to upload individual items and keep track of quantities in one simple online location. This would allow for Jim's sales team to give pricing and quantity information to customers around the world in real time.

Online Bid Management - The system needed to incorporate the ability to easily receive and respond to bid requests. The bid data needed the ablility to be logged and readily accessible by the sales team. This would eliminate the need for the sales team to research the value every time the customer requested a quote.

The Solution

Ringer set out to develop a solution for Atkinson Fine Art that fully incorporated all of the features and functionality that was required. Successful implementation of this solution would greatly increase website conversion and dramatically improve the back end quoting and sales process.

We spent time with the client learning their processes and identifying key areas we could implement intuitive solutions to their work flow issues. We architected our recommendations and implemented the following custom development solutions:

The Design - As with all websites, the level of design directly impacts the conversion rate of the website. This is why it was imperative that we fully understood Atkinson Fine Arts typical customer demographic. Once this was established, we designed the site layout around the ideas of our design staff and the customer (Jim). The visual design features a rich ad sophisticated color pallet that was chosen to reflect the tastes of the customer demographic. The overall layout had to remain fairly utilitarian so that future module development can be easily integrated.

Search & Browse Functionality - We integrated search and browse functionality that pulls information directly from the database and creates structured navigation. The search function queries all of the database fields and category information to generate appropriate navigation and product display tables. The browse functionality generates browse navigation generated dynamically based on the current page location. This allows that the user only sees browse options applicable to current page location and items and categories available. The end result is extremely intuitive navigation that gets the user to the artwork page they want with as little clicks as possible.

We added tooltip previews to all of the product display pages. This gives the user a full preview of the artwork as they are browsing through the site.

Online Quotes - The online quoting system we custom built dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes for a client to get a quote on artwork they are interested in purchasing. Once the user is on the product details page the user has the option to get a quote. This query is recorded to the database and the site administrator is notified of the request. The sales team then logs into the secure intranet and views the request. The request details page displays all of the pertinent information about the artwork and also displays all past quotes sent.

As a result of this method the quoting process, Jim and his sales team can quote with confidence and let nothing slip through the cracks.

Online Inventory Management - We integrated into the website our custom inventory management system that allows for upload of products and product pictures. This system actively tracks in-house inventory quantities and inventory availabilities from consignment contracts.

Highly Qualified Traffic - One of the benefits of using Ringer was that as part of the project we made every effort to ensure that the entire online solution was search-engine accessible and optimized for search. We also overhauled Atkinson Fine Arts Google Adwords account. The results of our Google Adwords consulting were nothing less than dramatic. Because we built out a specific keyword list and created logical campaign groups and some other "top secret" tactics, the click through rate doubled and the overall cost was cut in half. Become a Ringer client and we will be happy to share all of our methods!

Overall this project was a blaring success. It has been a little over three years since this project, and we are happy to say that we are still working with Atkinson Fine Art.

Visit Website: https://www.AtkinsonFineArt.com

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