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Past Present And Future Clientele

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Past present and future clientele are all pertinent to the success of webdesign firms.

Past present and future clientele are all pertinent to the success of webdesign firms.

In the web design industry there are 3 different types of clients. There is the past client, the present client, and the future client. Juggling all 3 can be a challenging task, especially when you have a lot of past clients. Let’s identify what each one is. The past client is someone who has already paid you and you no longer have any more work from them (except for when they call you again for more work). A present client is someone that is still paying for the work you are still working on. A future client is someone that you are talking to about future work with.

It is argued that in our industry past clients are the most important client out of the 3, for multiple reasons. The first reason is the work that was completed for them. It is one more piece in your portfolio. The next reason is if they are happy with your work, they will refer you to other people they know that may need a new website. Word of mouth is huge in our industry. The last reason is that they will come back for more work in the future. Some of the best customers are past clients. The past client can slow you down too. They call with little problems with their website, or their emails. It doesn’t take a lot of time to deal with these things usually, but it takes away your concentration from what you were previously working on. So, it becomes a distraction.

The present client is where most of our effort goes. There is the work that is being done, plus all the emails and phone calls with this client for approvals and dis-approvals, or to answer any questions both parties might have. They may take the most amount of effort, but the present client is usually the easiest to work with.

Obviously future clients are the back bone of the industry. Whether they come by a referral, or find you on the internet, they are usually the hardest to work with. You have to prove to them that they should spend their money with you. It takes a lot of time and effort to convince them that you are right fit for them, and in the end they may not even work with you. So it ends up being time you don’t get paid for.

To succeed you have to get the right mix between the 3 client types. You need past clients to show that you can do what you say you can do. You need present and future clients to bring you more business. It is a juggling act. But with the right team you are able to handle all 3 balls in the air at once.

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