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Hey, Let’s Just Advertise! No, First – Let’s Just Analyze!

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The tools of effective marketing and advertising are quite costly. So, before you begin spending money, getting your name and services out there, let’s just weigh the decision a bit and include the costs you may be facing, first.

The tools of effective marketing and advertising are quite costly. So, before you begin spending money, getting your name and services out there, let’s just weigh the decision a bit and include the costs you may be facing, first.

A simple way to judge marketing effectiveness is to see what works first and its cost. If we don’t consider the cost, first, then we can’t build a proper budget. And what will really work? So, let’s begin with cost and your budget and then decide what we’ll do.

The following numbers are based on national norms and reduced somewhat to apply easily across your budgets here in our region.

Email Marketing
$3000 to $8,000 per year

Content Marketing
$4000 to $10,000 per year

Pay Per Click
Search Engine Marketing

$3000 to $9,000 per year

Search Engine Optimization
$3,500 to 8,500 per year

$50 per lead/hourly

Direct Mail
$6000 per year

Scriptwriting/Art Direction
$1000 to $5,200 assignment

Newspaper Ad
$50,000 running yearly

Direct Mail
$51.40 per order

The point here, it isn’t something to be entered into lightly. No it’s a costly affair. But if budgeted correctly and reasonably you can find your customers in the most cost effective way, if you consider how you apply your strategy.

Firstly, perhaps you know what your budget will allow you to invest in your marketing effort. The one thing you must consider when doing so is your Return on Investment – the old ROI. Marketing is always an investment in the best thing there is…your product or services. If you let the public know what you are selling and how much better it is than the other guy’s, you may very well succeed. If you don’t do anything to let the public know what your selling and how good it is, you may very well fail.

That’s why we say analyze before you advertise. Look at your market. Look at what you should do to reach the right customers and look at your costs for reaching them. Analyze every dollar spent because it will effect you’re your bottom line.

Even a Lawn Business has to itemize the cost of the flyer they wish to drop off at each home in the area they are working. They will even have to consider the amount of fuel used, time it takes, etc.

The amount you’ll spend to reach just the right customer is the same for you. Every expense will have to be measured, first, before you can achieve a profit. You have to analyze what each measure of Marketing you wish to employ costs and how many customers you attract that way. But if you want some genuine help with your marketing, give Ringer Consulting Group a call.

Ringer Consulting Group has been doing just that for over 20 years. We sit with our customers and analyze what they wish to achieve. If they want to capture more business, we’ll help them do just that in the most economical way too.

Ringer will do it online, well. We’ll immediately save you marketing dollars with our online expertise. We’ll analyze what you can achieve with your budget, first. We’ll show you our results oriented methods and help you choose the most profitable path.

Ringer’s experience, success and attractive rates will support every budget. We’ll see to it that your Marketing gets seen and increases your profit. Because we’re an expert experienced team from marketing’s leading organizations. Developers, Account Managers and Marketing Strategists giving you tenacious support, 24X7, that will serve you and your product with dynamic success.

Ringer the tools that deliver Custom Web Design, Cloud Based Software and, most importantly, Digital Marketing Campaigns that deliver customers.

So give Ringer Consulting Group a call at (404) 369-0009 and ask for Monika. Ringer, we’ve got the gear and expertise that help small companies deliver big business results.

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Gabe Meacham

Gabe has over 15 years’ experience in designing and developing business web based automation systems.

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