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Easy Ways to Get Your Banners Noticed

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So you’re at the point of starting a banner ad campaign. You want to gather all those willing buyers with fresh money in their hands to take a peek at your product.

Easy Ways to Get Your Banners Noticed

So you’re at the point of starting a banner ad campaign. You want to gather all those willing buyers with fresh money in their hands to take a peek at your product. You want them to maybe just leave a few dollars here and there. You want them to whisper to their friends about what you’re all about. Well, let me tell you how to sell your banner, let me tell you how to root it in the web.

The first thing you want to do is plan how your campaign is going to roll out in terms of the messages you want to show the client—in say—a month.

From either a remarketing and banner side of things. They should be clumped together because basically, if they [the client or customer] come from either channel; they do the same thing.

If they come from the website, put them on a path. Say this ad is the first thing I want them to see after they have been browsing the New York Times or Atlanta Journal Constitution (better known as the AJC), so throw a banner up to get noticed. Most campaigns out there are brand based campaigns.

An example is Coca-Cola, they’re just going to show a bottle of coke on the side with some cool swirly. It doesn’t matter if the message is much different, as it is a branding thing.

However, if it is a directive thing. You already know they’re on your website—a bit more powerful—you put that into the google contact list. Direct to a certain feature or something that is new about the product. That is dependent on the fact they know about the product in the first place.

In an example case, we’re talking about this client, who attends a fellow lodge, the first ads we’re going to roll out are the rediscover campaign, whom already has contact with this brand. The rediscover campaign should be a reminder sort of thing, and this is what we’re saying; off of that banner ads, and sequence of time. You want to capture that person, you want to give them that message; but you have to remember about the type you want to capture.

However, there are a few things that need to be considered: They’re not on your site, they’re on someone else’s site. They’re reading their information, but your banner, your ad is in the peripheral. It may not have even been seen, but over time, they will be more and more familiar with the banner; it will be there in the back of their mind.

Make Your Ads Visible

Visibility is based on the placement acquired.

Say for Yahoo, who has a super-premium placement, which either loads before a video or is at the top of the screen. With multiple placement, visibility comes naturally. You will have to pay a tad more for the multiple placements; but otherwise, you’re going to be using banners that are on the side, which just are generally good for low visibility. There are typical banners that you would usually see, but our eyes are conditioned to blur those out.

The Campaign Run: Banners and Ads

At first, when you do the ad campaign, don’t limit it to: I am going to show this ad for twenty impressions. Instead you want to limit it to how many days they can possibly see that ad.

Your ad campaign should run something similar to, if not, akin to this:

  • A mixture of A-B (see below for more info) ads per campaign.
  • The next day/site, you hit the next campaign with a secondary feature that you want to remind people of. A feature that is from your overall product that is different from the current campaign. Say you sell ads about puppies. Puppies is already a guaranteed seller, but you want to run something similar? Try mentioning their pedigree, or if they have their shots.

Continue forward with this campaign and this is what you want to do: three different banner ads per day for four days and rotate them with ads A and ads B. And at the end of the run is the falloff days, which is if the banners had not brought the customer to action, then they’re gone and not coming back; however, if they have gone back to the site then the user gets another blip on the banner ad placement. Bucket this customer as a returning visitor.

They [the customer] will keep going back and shopping, and this person is now capable of being sold a product to. Because they’ve already been back, seen our features, just have to remind them.

Switch between the ads to see which did the best, and at the end of that campaign you’re at fall off mode.

Say before Monday I need six different banner sets made. Before I launch, I need to have six banner sets made?

It is absolutely imperative that three different banner sets made for day one; another three for day two. Launch the first one, after that is made, produce another one. You can stay ahead a day if you’re making the banners per day.

Banner Requirements (Is a Table)

  • Choose a Feature you want to sell.
  • Make it alluring.
  • Make another banner that says the same thing but tweak it just a bit.
  • Don't worry about size if you're using HTML5.

The purpose of having different sets for each day is so that whoever you are attempting to grab the attention of will eventually find a banner that sets them into action. With multiple styles on these banners, you will eventually capture their interest and draw them in.

An example is Big, who bought banner space. The work should be done before presenting your campaign. If you plan to sell your banners to the client or whomever, you need to set your banners out per day.

Such as: This banner is day one, this banner is day two, this banner is day three, etc.

Video Ads

Another form advertisement is video advertisement, especially for a banner. They are a tad trickier and could reach a wide range of audiences if sold correctly; but they are also risk vs reward. Unlike a Banner that is static on the page, a video ad might just be skipped over. But there is a risk vs reward using videos. Some will simply mute the video until their content comes up; therefore, your message is never even heard or noticed.

Video Campaign Requirements

  • Multiple Clips
  • Similar in length.
  • Minimal special effects

Five different videos that say the same thing, that look completely different, and are using swapping a day.

Your most powerful message is going to be your simplest. Don’t overdo the information you are trying to provide. Make it simple. Ever heard of K.I.S.S? Keep it simple.

An example that we have used can be seen here:
Rediscover Southwind Banner

The simplest thing will turn heads. But a good headline will intrigue the reader enough to at least view the text below or click the banner. If you’ve made it this far, then it has worked.

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