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Privacy, as we know it, is one of the most important actions a tech user should take. A good user will find extra lengths to achieve complete security. Because privacy and security can go hand in hand, a user should be able to have both without worry of backdoors and without worry of someone stealing information.

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Privacy, as we know it, is one of the most important actions a tech user should take. A good user will find extra lengths to achieve complete security. Because privacy and security can go hand in hand, a user should be able to have both without worry of backdoors and without worry of someone stealing information. So how should one, whom is completely new to the technological world, achieve privacy and security? There are various ways that one can acquire security and privacy. However, in this blog, we are going to discuss the security and privacy that surrounds Ringer’s content management system.

Striving to be one of the first digital companies in the world, Ringer Consulting (Ringer) launched a decade ago through its founder Gabe Meacham. Ringer’s ambition to implement the best security and development. To achieve this goal, Ringer uses four very important platforms that create a shell of encryption for both themselves and their clients.

Content Management Systems (CMS, for short)

So what exactly is a CMS? A CMS is a piece of software that keeps track of all the content on your web site. In layman's terms, you could say a CMS is like a library that separates all your texts, photos, music, videos, and documents in different sections for viewing or analyzing. This is essentially what a CMS does and allows for files to be easily maneuvered, which is the first steps in creating a well-established and well-formed website.


Ringer’s main CMS is known as Joomla!!, which with its ease of use and adaptability makes it the most popular website software available. But what can you use Joomla! for? Joomla! is manipulable to be used for Corporate web sites or portals, corporate intranets and extranets; also to be used for online magazines, newspapers, and publications.

Even if you are not an advanced user, Joomla! is designed to be easy to install, offering a one click setup. Still not convinced? Joomla! has been around since the year 2000, and has over 200,000 active users. With a future ahead of itself, Joomla! help you keep you or your clients empowered with the capabilities that Joomla! has to offer.n CMS is known as Joomla!, which has an ease of use and adaptability makes it the most popular website software available.


As per any CMS, Joomla! is no different in having multifarious options that can help satisfy your goals. Joomla allows for customization outside of the Joomla website.

These functionalities spread from components to modules, including your basic plugins, templates, and languages.

Alert the Press! The Word is out!

That’s right. WordPress is not just for blog posts and meme-ridden listicles. WordPress is also an open-source content management system that is based on PHP and MySQL. Installed on a web server, or on a local host-computer; WordPress can offer a variety of tools and assets.


Various and borderline miscellaneous, WordPress offers additional tools that can be helpful in providing coverage on designing your own CMS. Once downloaded and installed, WordPress can be used by any user in its easy-to-use template processor.

Once the template has been chosen, the user can then decide which theme they want to use. WordPress requires at least one theme to be present. Themes can be customized and custom made using PHP, HTML, and a valid Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). However, if you are not as savvy in creating your own themes, you can absolutely purchase premium themes or use the offered free themes.

A well designed theme can make or break a website. One of the more popularized themes running rampant on the nets is a Underscores (_s) theme, which is a blank theme.

Administration and Back Up

Developed back in 2006 by Akeeba Ltd, Admin Tools is a generous backup extension. Ringer enjoys Akeeba’s Admin Tools for the functionality that the extension itself offers. Admin Tools provides a fast, safe, and insurable encryption that benefits both the admin and the users. One of the many accessibilities that Admin Tool’s avails to the customer is multifarious functions, password encryption, an encrypted firewall, database organization, and user permissions. Admin Tool’s password encryption is a two layer authentication that uses HT-Access Username and Password. With this level of protection, Ringer can administer a web of information and keep it locked up.

Under the main umbrella of Akeeba along with Admin Tool’s is a backup source known as Akeeba Backup for WordPress. Akeeba Backup for WordPress, like its parent, is a multiplatform feature that allows users to protect and backup their information. One of the many great things about Akeeba Backup for WordPress is the availability to exclude files. These files can be excluded from directories on the client’s website. For example, if someone were to back up files onto another host server, information such as .pdfs or .docx can be excluded as they are clutter.

Admin Tool’s and Akeeba Backup for WordPress works together in unison in that storing information is just as important as encrypting it.

Additional Services and Audits

Now Admin Tool’s itself is a firewall but there is another Joomla extension that you can add.This is RS Firewall.

It is, essentially, an extra firewall that provides information to the admin of the server. This information can be helpful in the sense that RS Firewall is a watchdog that guards against malignant users that try to brute force their way into the system.

By allowing yourself this extra security, you are sure to provide another layer between you and your worst fear.

Finally, we come to the final tool that Ringer uses and that is is an award winning security and management tool for Joomla!. If you have ever watched the show CSI, and you hear the tech guy say “We’ve got a breach!” applies a similar audit to your CMS.

Because MyJoomla audits from within your Joomla software, there is constant monitoring happening at all times of the day and at night. The increased protection that MyJoomla adds is colossal in terms of internet security. This constant protection is what any user would need and Ringer cares only in creating a satisfied experience between themselves and their clients.

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