Fermob USA Custom Web Design

A Custom Website Design Integrated with Joomla For Fermob USA

Fermob USA is a prime example of maximizing the growth of a company through each iteration of their website. We have worked with Fermob USA for well over seven years through four versions of their website, three of which were redesigns. It has been a pleasure working with the team at Fermob USA and watching them grow twenty fold since our initial interaction. We look forward to continually working with them towards more growth in the future.

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Company Overview

Fermob USA imports French outdoor furniture from a company called Fermob which is headquartered in France. With our assistance they went from being one of many Fermob resellers in the United States to being the sole distributer. All retailers of Fermob furniture in United and Canada now must purchase their products from Fermob USA rather than being able to go directly to Fermob.

The Challenge

We have built three iterations of the Fermob USA site over the past six years. They chose to continue working with us when it came time for them to want a fourth iteration. They wanted a clean and fresh design that would be completely different from all of the other designs we have produced. For this iteration our team paired up with their in-house designers to build a custom website design that truly fit their needs and desires. Working with their in-house designers added a level of excitement to our designers and in some cases it made it easier for us to develop the project due to constant feedback and communication. Working with an in-house design team also provided some minor challenges due to the complexity of some of their requests. In the end we produced a solution that both teams were proud of.

The Process

In this project we were able to skip the sketching and wire framing process due to their in-house designers having a large portion of the layout and design sketched out. We worked with the Fermob USA design team to create their design in Photoshop. Once we received approval from the teams we moved to the next stage of design process by rendering the design into HTML, CSS and PHP. The next step included converting the approved design into a custom Joomla template. Once everything was integrated with Joomla we built out the product portfolio, the retailer’s directory and map. Once the structure was in place we implemented all of their content including their products and the site was ready for launch.

The Solution

This is a custom website design that is built on top of a Joomla Content Management System. It features an extensive product management database that was built using Seblod. The item page has a color selector that will provide a selection option if the item is available in that color. Another major feature is the retailer’s directory that includes a custom google map API integration that places markers on a map illustrating each U.S and Canada retailer. There is also a portal for each retailer to login and receive their special pricing based on their retailer agreements. This site was built with the intention of providing Fermob USA the ability to easily update all of the information on their site without having to seek our help for small changes and updates.

The Results

Once the site was launched we found that the combination of the map functionality, the product management database, and the retailer dashboard established a successful site. Fermob USA's business model is to minimize retail consumer sales and maximize direct retailers sales. The map functionality helped instill this model by providing potential consumers with a vehicle to find their closest retailer. Consumers are prompted to add the city, state, or zip code into the map search box, the map then zooms to the correct region to assist the consumer in choosing their nearest retailer. Each retailer also has a unique login portal to provide them with product information and their special retailer pricing. The product management database is exceptionally useful to Fermob USA because their staff can quickly make changes and product updates as new products or colors come out or when products get retired. This website, with all of its features and functionality streamlines all potential consumers and retailers and provides them with the most up to date information to assist in their purchasing decision.

Technology; always moving forward!

With each of our designs we utilize a custom blend of libraries, components, modules, and plugins that help us deliver groundbreaking custom designs.

Technology in the Project
  • Joomla 3 CMS
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap 2.0
Customized Components
  • Seblod
  • Rok Sprocket
  • Rs Forms
  • Akeeba Backup
  • Rs Firewall
Project Features
  • Product Managment Database
  • Color Picker
  • Retailer Portal
  • Google Maps API Integreation
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