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A Responsive Joomla Website For "The Habit" TV Show, a Sub-7 Production

We had worked with a producer at Sub-7 many years ago, so when they had a need for a custom designed website for their upcoming TV show "The Habit", they called Ringer to complete the design and development. This was a fun project for Ringer, it enabled our staff to go out and view the shooting for some of their upcoming episodes. This opportunity helped provide our designers with insight on the upcoming show and how the team at Sub-7 envisioned "The Habit" and how the website would play an important role. Immediately there was great transparency between us at Ringer and Sub-7 which is what we strive for out of all of our projects and clients. It was a real pleasure to work with Sub-7 on this project and we look forward to working with them on future projects.

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Company Overview

"The Habit" is a TV show about a few friends John, Chuck and JP and their life-long habit of hunting and bow-fishing. These three friends travel all over the United States searching for their next big kill and enduring all kinds of adventures along the way. The show made its debut premier in January and is being aired on the Sportsman's Channel three nights a week.

The Challenge

Their goal was to use a large amount of imagery in the design but still keep it clean and simple. They wanted their audience to be engaged in the site and be able to find out more information on the show, upcoming episode airings, episode teasers, special events, and information about the main characters. Sub-7 also wanted to provide viewers with the ability to securely purchase "The Habit" merchandise through the website. They needed the ability to login and make updates to the episode teasers, add blog posts, add additional content, and to update their merchandise on a regular basis.

The Process

Our first step was to sketch out our ideas for the website and how the overall site would function. Once we laid out our ideas, we turned to Photoshop to create their custom design. The Photoshop design was displayed to the client on how the site would be laid out and how it would function. After we received approval from Sub-7 on the design we rendered the PSD file and integrated it all together using HTML, CSS and PHP. Next we converted the new design into a custom Joomla template. Once everything was integrated with Joomla, we built out custom Joomla components for the menu and episodes wall. Our final step prior to site launch was to implement all of the content.

The Solution

This is a custom website design that is built on top of Joomla, our preferred content management system. It features a robust blogging engine and a shopping cart utilizing PayPal integration to process the payments. It also features a unique wall interface for menu and episode navigation.

The Results

Since launch we have been analyzing the website traffic for The traffic spikes on days that the show airs on the Sportsman Channel, but has a continual following on days that episodes are not being aired. The team over at Sub-7 is happy with the design and functionality of the website, they especially enjoy the content management system due to their ease of ability to make all of their changes each week in house.

Technology in the Project
  • Joomla 3 CMS
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • BootStrap 3.0
Customized Components
  • Akeeba Backup
  • Rs Firewall
  • Mintec Wall
  • K2
Project Features
  • Paypal Cart Integration
  • Unique Drop Down Menu
  • Episodes Wall
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