South Wind Plantation Custom Web Design

A Custom Joomla Website For SouthWind Plantation

We have had the pleasure of working with the owner of the SouthWind Planation for over six years. Our relationship first began when we built out a web application for a different business owned by the same owner. The owner was pleased by our quality of work and artistic craftsmanship that he brought us on in 2010 to redesign the website for his hunting lodge located in South Georgia, SouthWind Plantation. Our design team particularly enjoyed designing this site due to how immersed they were able to get into the business which assisted them in creating an outstanding website. They were provided multiple opportunities to visit the plantation, meet the staff, enjoy the surroundings and exquisite lodge as well as partake in their main service offerings, hunting. Over the years we continue to maintain their website by making small updates along with Joomla version upgrades. We continue to work with the owner by creating additional websites when the need arises. The team has really enjoyed working on this project and look forward to working with the owner for years to come.

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Company Overview

SouthWind Plantation is South Georgia’s premier reservation only outdoor adventure and hunting plantation. Their hunting packages can include guided hunts, wing hunts, big game hunts, fishing, and much much more. The accommodations offered at SouthWind go above and beyond what most traditional hunting lodge's offer. The lodge boasts lap-of-luxury accommodations providing a stress free environment to help their patrons unwind and enjoy their surroundings. SouthWind is a great destination for corporate and family events.

The Challenge

The goal of this project was to harness the beauty of the SouthWind Plantation and wrap it up into a custom design that would blow away the competition. The most important goal was to make sure all of their services were well represented in order to attract future hunters and patrons to their lodge.

The Process

Sketching out our ideas and how the website would function was our first step in this redesign. Once we had completed this step we transformed the sketch to Photoshop and created their custom design. The Photoshop design was provided to the client to help them understand our vision and to receive approval to move forward with the design process. After receiving approval from the owner on the design we rendered the PSD file and integrated it all together using HTML, CSS and PHP. Next we converted the new design into a custom Joomla template. The final step prior to launch was implementing the content from the copywriter into the website.

The Solution

This is a custom website design that is built on top of a Joomla Content Management system. It features an image rich design that really sets them apart from any other hunting lodge in the Southeast. The content is rich in information including the different types of hunting services that SouthWind provides and what sets them apart from their competition.

The Results

After the website launch the owner was able to see an immediate difference in the clientele his website was drawing. The standard level of clientele increased from solo hunters and groups of two to three, to larger corporate and family groups. Their clientele told them that the beauty of their lodge was apparent throughout their website which assisted them on making the decision to choose SouthWind.

Technology; always moving forward!

With each of our designs we utilize a custom blend of libraries, components, modules, and plugins that help us deliver groundbreaking custom designs.

  • Joomla 3 CMS
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Akeeba Backup
  • Rs Firewall
  • RsForms Pro
  • Easyblog
  • Simple Image Gallery Pro
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