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Custom Responsive Website Design For LaMejor de Michoacan

When we started working with La Mejor, they had no web presence whatsoever. We knew this was Ringer’s moment to shine. Our design staff really got their creative gears turning on this design, and the development team picked up on the rest of the overall concept. There was an even load on the shoulders of the design and development teams, and with La Mejor’s guidance along the way, we all worked together to create a unique site experience that would resonate with end-users. Working with La Mejor was a true pleasure, and we look forward to maintaining a long-term relationship with this client.

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Company Overview

La Mejor de Michoacán (“The Best of Mexico”) is a family-owned ice cream business with four locations – three in Gainesville, Ga. and one shop in downtown Norcross, Ga. La Mejor specializes in homemade Mexican-style ice cream, and offers typical flavors popular in the U.S., as well; they also offer fruit-based smoothies, and makes their products in-house, using the freshest fruits and creams available.

The Challenge

La Mejor had no digital footprint when they partnered with Ringer. That worked out well for our creative team, who created a concept for the website that was decidedly unique and fresh. The website needed to be as informational as possible (listing photos of all the flavors, directions to the four locations, and so forth. The site’s verbiage and graphics weren’t expected to change, so there would be no need for a Content Management System (CMS). The client also requested a mirrored site of the English language site, in Español.

The Process

The creative team wrote a story board for the website that told about La Mejor’s owner: What he did as a youngster in Mexico, what happened when he settled here, etc. Once the storyline was approved, our developers built the site using Flat HTML5, CSS3 and PHP. The site was also mobile responsive, for viewing on tablets and smart phones.

Wanting to create some movement to the site, Ringer employed a new, cutting-edge application called Scroll Magic, which changes the homepage’s screen as the end user scrolls down the page.

Finally, Ringer translated the English site to Spanish, using an in-house employee who spoke both languages fluently.

The Solution

This is a custom responsive website design that is built using HTML5 and CSS3. It also uses ScrollMagic.js that make elements move in a unique fashion as you scroll down the page and learn about the beautiful real-life story of La Mejor. The site features a flavors section that allows you to filter by the ice-cream base, or the four La Mejor locations.

The Results

This site is a brand-new launch, and real data is being gathered. The client is ecstatic about the site, and about the story we were able to tell about their love for ice cream. Ringer is proud of the product we produced, and will do our best to support La Mejor as their story – and delicious homemade ice cream – increases in popularity.

Technology; always moving forward!

With each of our designs we utilize a custom blend of libraries, components, modules, and plugins that help us deliver groundbreaking custom designs.

  • ScrollMagic.js
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

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