Hidden Gems Custom Social Network

A Custom Social Network Platform For Hidden Gems 411

We met with the owner of Hidden Gems and immediately identified a need that we could fill. Right off the bat, we knew we could deliver a product with which the owner could move into the future. We had never worked with this client before, but almost immediately we clicked, and the rest is history. Our development team really got to sink their teeth into this project and show off their skills, and the client was pleased with the final product – primarily because we had established a strong relationship right up front.

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Company Overview

Hidden Gems 411 was created for the high school and college sports teams that do not get scouted, but still have students with the talent to play at the next level. Hidden Gems 411 provides those students with a platform to have their bio, stats and on-field action videos housed all in one place. There are two roles for a coach: A high school coach is there to make the recommendations of players when they really are a GEM that should be scouted for the next level; the college coaches use Hidden Gems to find players that fit the needs of their team.

The Challenge

The goal was to create a system to store all of the player and coach profile information. Ringer’s main objective was to make it as little work as possible for the client to administer player and coach profiles. We also wanted to make it as easy as possible for users to create profiles and submit all of their profile information. Additionally, they needed the ability to search for players with plenty of different parameters. Hidden Gems 411 needed the ability to edit every profile, and the owner needed the ability to block and unblock users. Overall, we were hired to create the LinkedIn of athletes.

The Process

Our first step was to break down the different user dashboards, and figure out all the use case scenarios for each one. After that, we went to the database design and mapped out how all our data was going to flow. Next, we created the overall layout for all of the dashboards, and figured out where all the sections should go based on the type of information and its importance. This is a good example of where we got the overall functionalities of the site working before we ever started skinning it with design and textures. Lastly, we built out the home page to be simple and to the point: Login or create a profile, and get started.

The Solution

This is a custom cloud based platform with a social media twist. It gives high school and college level athletes the ability to input their profile information, updated stats, video clips from Hudl, YouTube and Vimeo. For the multi-sport athlete, the system tracks several sports, their seasons, and all of the athlete’s stats. The platform also gives the coaches the ability to search for players with very specific parameters.

The Results

Since this is a brand-new product launch, the results are satisfaction-based. The client is ecstatic to have a system in place that tracks all profiles without having to do much more than enabling users. Hidden Gems loves the ability to edit any user information they need to on the fly, and provide coaches the information that they are looking for. We are looking forward to continuing development on this project, as the solution is just in its earliest phases; the custom build will allow for additional sports and other information to be integrated when Hidden Gems is ready to expand.