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Tuesday, 26 February 2013 18:00

Why Does Your Business Need Custom Web Design?

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Custom means tailored to you, your business, and your objectives. Custom web designers create websites molded to fit every aspect of the clients' wants and needs. A professional design company typically never uses templates to design a site. Here at Ringer we never design any two sites the same. Our work is built from our clients' goals and the vision for their business, meaning each site design is totally unique.

In today's internet-driven society, you can't afford not having a website.

However, simply having a website does not guarantee success. There is a lot of hard work that goes into making your website appealing to your target audience. A custom website should be the cornerstone of a successful marketing mix. Your website content is just as important as your site design. Relevant content and strategic keywords can give you superior page ranking on search engines. Hiring a professional will get you the right results the first time. Do not waste valuable time and money trying to cut corners. Hire a professional for professional results!

How Does Ringer Approach Custom Website Design?

We take a holistic approach to each of our clients' projects. Strategizing from every angle helps us to create a website that functions well and looks stunning. Hand in hand with our clients, we work to ensure that we clearly represent each company and maximize its potential.

So. . . What Is Branding / Brand Development? I'm Glad You Asked! A brand is more than just a designed symbol or logo with which your clients and consumers identify you. Your brand is a customer's experience represented by a collection of images and ideas. It evokes emotion and the experience attached to that emotion. You build a brand. Brand building involves naming, symbol selection and variation, image hints, textural voicing, color selection, usage guidelines, and ethos. Once determined, all of these elements come together creating a unique structure. This is your company's brand. Why Does Your Company / Organization Need Professional Branding? Whether or not you realize it, your brand is built with or without you. Every time someone does business with you, they attach their overall experience to your business' symbol, logo or image. Building your company's brand is a thoughtful process involving not only the technical side of design work, but also the way you want to present your company to the world. This is a task best carried out with the aid of experienced brand professionals. How Does A Good Branding Firm Do Branding? For us, the process starts with an in-depth examination of your company as a whole. We listen as you identify what image you want projected to your target market and conduct market studies specifically for your industry. We then utilize this information and build your brand in different forms of expression including copy, logo design, and layout. Done correctly, a brand drives the success of your business and creates opportunities for growth.
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Goza Tequila

Branded Website - June 2016

When I met Gabe and the rest of the team at Ringer I really felt like they could bring my site to the next level. They brought plenty of ideas to the table in our first consultation. That never stopped throughout the process of building the site out. That’s why we ended up with such a great website, custom to us. I’M HAPPY I HIRED A RINGER.


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Custom Suit Shop

Custom Responsive Website - June 2013

It was nice because there’s the professional photographer, there’s the models, everything’s coming together and I look up and there is Gabe, Gabe actually comes to the meeting to supervise for the whole day, it was something I didn’t expect, A very nice touch, a personal touch!


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Hidden Gems 411

Custom Social Network Platform - December 2016

"While working with Ringer, they always kept me abreast of what was going on with the project. I never had to ask what was happening. They always kept me informed. The website is way better then I ever dreamed of. I would highly recommend Ringer to work on your project."


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